Sharps Kiosk | Unused Medications Kiosk Here are some frequently asked questions:

Q: Can I drop loose syringes, needles and lancets into the Sharps Kiosk?

A: Yes you can, however it is strongly recommended that you place waste into a container before dropping it off into a Sharps Kiosk. Using the Sharps Kiosk for loose sharps is not recommended for safety reasons. Transporting any infectious waste, syringe or needle in a container not specifically designed for that purpose creates an unnecessary risk. Although the Sharps Kiosk will direct any object deposited in the drop slot into a collection receptacle specifically designed for used sharps, users should always follow EPA guidelines and place their used sharps for temporary storage and transport in a sharps container.

Q: Can I put unused or expired medications in the Sharps Kiosk?

A: Yes you can, however expired or unused medications should be dropped off into the appropiate kiosk. If you have any questions, or need more information about medical and pharmaceutical disposal solutions, please call Johnson's for more information, at 800-653-1222. The contents of the Sharps Kiosk are transported to a facility designed to safely dispose of medical waste, not pharmaceuticals. Unused or expired pharmaceuticals and controlled substances must be dropped off at a location where they can be processed and disposed of properly.

Q: How can I find out whether putting my used sharps in the household trash is illegal in my state?

A: Disposing of used sharps is illegal in every state.

Q: How can I get a Sharps Kiosk installed in my area?

A: Safe sharps disposal is a community issue and all interest groups have a shared interest in developing a solution that works for everyone. Success often requires organizing resources and sponsors to provide locations and funding for continued operation. Contact your local government, local pharmacies and environmental/public safety advocacy groups to start a coalition of interested partners. If you require any assistance with getting a Sharps Kiosk installed in your area, please call Johnson's at 1-800-653-1222

sharps waste
sharps waste
sharps waste
Through-The-Wall Disposal Unit

Johnson Environmental Products Through-Wall Unit allows pill containers and medical waste to be deposited through an outside drop-slot and stored in a secure indoor location for final disposal by authorized personnel. Safety design does not allow arm to enter unit.

Wall-Mount Disposal Unit

Johnson Environmental Products Wall-Mount Needle Disposal Unit features tough all steel construction with double locking front access door. Tamper proof openings and baffling system channel deposits needles into the awaiting Bio-Hazard Container for proper disposal.

Ultra-Secure Indoor Sharps Disposal Unit

Johnson Environmental Products Secure Indoor Sharps Disposal Unit (Model Nr. 88-SFP) is designed for use in prisons, treatment facilities, homeless shelters and high-security areas.