Outdoor Needle Drop Box

Disposing of needles and syringes properly is very important for those in the medical profession. Administering drugs or drawing blood involves close contact with bodily fluids and tissues, and when a patient is suffering illness or infection, the medical professional as well as everyone, who comes in to contact with the needle, is at risk. Without an outdoor needle drop box, these materials would be kept in faulty disposal containers that could easily puncture and lead to a potentially serious mishap down the road. Outdoor needle disposal creates distance between the inner hospital environment and the needle itself, ensuring greater safety standards are adhered to and that further disease and infection does not spread. If your facility has yet to make the jump to an outdoor needle drop box, here are some reasons why you should:

  • Choosing outdoor syringe disposal means the fluids or tissues contacted are kept a safe distance away from patients, staff and disposal technicians, ensuring security and greatly reducing the chance of negligence on the part of the hospital.
  • Individual staff members have the peace of mind they need to best serve patients and, in so doing, the interests of the medical facility.
  • Outdoor needle disposal also means that your facility is moving toward full compliance with state and federal waste removal standards.

Needles and syringes should not be taken lightly. You don't, so why should your disposal services company? When you are picking out the service provider that works best for your needs, make sure they are in compliance with state and federal laws, and that they place a great deal of importance on meeting the needs of your schedule. Biomedical waste removal is too serious of a matter to not receive the service that you need when you need it. Consult with a medical waste removal company prior to hiring them and make sure they know your demands and expectations upfront. The lives of your staff and patients will be the better for it.