About Us

Since we first brought the idea of modern outdoor cigarette disposal to the world, Johnson's Environmental Products Inc has become the industry standard in the growing field of environmentally conscious products. Our product offering now includes a wide assortment of items community improvement and safety. At Johnson's Environmental Products Inc, we pride ourselves on our inventive spirit and can-do attitude. We are constantly listening to our clients needs and seeking to improve and innovate our product line.

Our newest endeavor is our unique Sharps Kiosk, a medical waste disposal unit designed for the safe, secure collection of needles, syringes and other medical 'sharps'. This product complements our current line of medical waste disposal solutions, such as our Unused Medications Kiosks, for institutional, commercial and home use.

As a result of our success, our customers have turned to us time and time again to help them solve their unique challenges, and we have delivered. Since 1996 we have worked with state and local governments, industry, private business as well as citizens groups to do our part helping to keep our planet a little cleaner with our innovative niche type products.

We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions for meet the changing needs of communities for promoting safety, environmental consciousness and improving the quality of life. Our success is built on our 'can-do' approach to designing and building better products that make better communities. If you have a product idea or are looking for creative solutions to an environmental or safety issue in your community, turn to Johnson's Environmental Products.