Benefits of Sharps Kiosks

Community Benefits

Most users of needles and syringes are law-abiding citizens who want to practice safe needle disposal but cannot find a practical alternative to the discarding their medical waste in the household trash. The Johnsons Environmental Products Medical Sharps Kiosk provides communities with this much-needed alternative. It can be installed at easily-accessible and convenient locations such as:

- Pharmacies

- Hospitals and clinics

- Fire and police stations

- Municipal buildings

- In parks or at streetside

- Retail establishments

Benefits For Governments

Since government ultimately pays for the cost of household waste and water treatment, keeping medical waste out of the municipal waste stream is a bottom-line issue for every elected official and administrator. A needlestick injury at a waste treatment facility will require expensive testing and treatment and potentially very expensive lawsuits, all of which are eventually paid by the state. Local governments can save costs by proactively pursuing an effective community sharps disposal solution in advance of state or federal regulatory mandates.

Benefits For Business

Hospitals, clinics and pharmacies can directly benefit from a Medical Sharps Kiosk installation by providing a valuable public service that will drive customers to the location and bolster the community image of the establishment. For pharmacies, the sale of sharps containers and partnerships with non-profit advocacy groups can defray the costs of installation and pick-up service. In addition, the Medical Sharps Kiosk's custom decaling provides valuable visual real-estate with which you can co-brand your business with a popular health and safety program serving the public good.