Kiosk Features


Feature Overview

The Johnsons Environmental Products NCU5400 Medical Sharps Kiosk is a third-generation product whose design is based on years in the field with previous product versions. Features include:

- Heavy 14-gauge steel construction.

- Dual pry-resistant cam locks.

- Durable, weather-resistant powder-coat finish suitable for indoor or outdoor installation.

- Drip-cap to help prevent moisture from entering the unit.

- Drop-box design that prevents access to the unit's contents by reaching in the deposit slot.

- Unique bell funnel system guides the deposited waste directly into the collection container.

- Collection container drawer design allows collection container to be grasped at the handles and removed without reaching in to the drawer or housing.

- Accepts medical waste containers up to 2 quarts.

- Accomodates an 18-gallon or larger certified mail-back container or 18-gallon or larger standard sharps container for direct pickup by waste services.

- Unique two-piece construction allows the base to be installed separately from the housing, which simplifies the installation process and allows the entire housing to be removed as required for maintenance or cleaning at a separate location without having to remove and reattach the base unit's anchoring hardware.


Labeling And Color

Johnsons Environmental Products offers a variety of options for labeling and color:

- Optional white interior floor for improved visibility.

- Custom powder-coat color or finish with large orders.

- Disclaimer label inside door can be customized to conform to local and state regulations.

- Label design and wording can be customized as per client requirements.

Signage Dimensions

- Signage dimensions - 18" x 24".

- Two contrasting colors with reflective lettering.

- Legible from a distance of 10 feet.

- One (1) inch lettering for header, four (4) lines of text.

- Wording and/or custom graphics as per client request.


The Johnsons Environmental Products Sharps Kiosk can be placed on any surface, set on casters or mounted in place with anchoring hardware.

To install using anchoring hardware:

1. Unlock the two camlocks and open the door.

2. Pull out the drawer all the way.

3. Remove the drawer by pressing pulling up the retaining tab on the drawer slider on each side of the drawer. This will release the drawer slider stop, allowing removal of the slider from the drawer bracket.

4. Using a 3/8" wrench or socket, unscrew the 6 screws holding the housing to the base unit.

5. Pull forward on the housing or push on it from behind to slide the housing forward on the alignment track. It may be necessary to have a second person hold the base unit firmly so that it does not slide as pressure is applied to the housing.

6. When the housing is disengaged from the base unit, use the appropriate anchoring hardware for the surface (i.e. concrete, wood, steel) to anchor the base unit to the ground.

7. Once the base unit is anchored, line up the alignment grooves on the base unit and housing and slide the housing back onto the base unit. Reattach the screws removed in step 3 and reinstall the drawer sliders into the drawer mounting brackets.




- Height 53 inches

- Width: 23.5 inches

- Depth: 24.5 inches

- Weight: To Be Provided

- Shipping Weight: To Be Provided


18 Gallon Mail-Back Container

- Postage prepaid return shipping box with bar code tracking

- Includes protective 4-mil bag liner

- Includes instructions in English and Spanish

- Includes multi-part simplified manifest tracking form

28 Gallon TakeAway™ Recovery System

- Holds up to 50 lbs of medical waste

- Container size: 19" x 19" x 21"

- Outer box dimensions: 21.625" x 19 .683" x 21.625"